All About the Books, No .jpgs.

Every part of a book has a name and a function, and because I love books, I'm going to tell you all about it.

That paper at the beginning of a book? Sometimes fancy, sometimes plain, always necessary if you want your book to stay together! It's called an endsheet, it holds the cover to the text block.

For this book I picked bright red shiny endsheets to compliment the fun, carefree spirit of the photos.

                       End sheets and Title page in one! Maximum efficiency!

Because this book is short, I used this diagonal cut to allow for some text without adding more pages.

The front of a book can have a Title Page, Half title page, and frontispiece. We'll have to talk about those bad boys another day, I wanted to keep this book short and to the sweet photo point.

                       This is 2 pages or 1 spread.

Depending on the style of binding, photos can go "across the fold." Across the fold means exactly what you think, it's the place where the book folds to create the spine. This style of binding, drum leaf, is designed specifically to let photos go across the fold without any visual interruption. It's pretty swell if your eyeballs are sensitive to obstructions.

The flexible spine lets the drum leaf book lay flat.

One of my favorite details of the drum leaf binding are the decorative papers that cover the edges of the book board along the spine. This is part of what allows the spine to be flexible and lets the whole thing lay flat when it's open.

And there you have it, a glue scented, brightly colored, tactile, bundle of memories that we also call a book.

Because books are wonderful. And so are you.

And so is a blog conclusion with the tone of an after school special from the 80's.

You see the form down there. You know what to do.

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