Badger the Cat.

You don't have a business if you don't have customers.

It's simple.

By and large the biggest challenge for me in this business has been figuring out how to get customers, but sometimes the universe throws some whipped cream at your face and when it slides off, it lands on top of the sundae you're holding. (Go ahead and try to make sense of that as a metaphor....)

On one particular day last fall, that whip cream flung at my face came in the form of an email from an old friend.

Nora's cat, Badger had recently passed, unexpectedly, of cancer and she wanted a way to commemorate Badger. It was a moment full of conflict, I was sad for Nora's loss, but so overjoyed that she asked me to make something in honor of her beloved pet.

And then, Nora wrote this lovely post about her experience.

I'd like to say Nora's words make me swell with pride, but in reality, they make me humble, because I think it's a privilege to have people share their loss, (or joy) with me and I feel really special for getting to make something that commemorates a personal story.

I'm grateful for Nora, her request, her praise and for all of you reading.

Thank you.

Krysta WilliamsComment