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photo courtesy of  Lisa Perez Photography

photo courtesy of Lisa Perez Photography

Wedding Albums

100 of your favorite wedding photos, flawlessly printed and cased into a hand sewn binding made to last generations. 

Photos are layed out to highlight the most compelling story, so that when you close the book you feel like you've been through your entire day again.

The cover and end sheets are chosen specifically to highlight the mood and feeling of your photos and enhance the overall story.

Materials and processes are fully archival, so the book is made to be an heirloom passed down and loved for years and years.


8x10      $850             12x12      $950            11x14      $1000


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What does “custom photo book” mean?

This means that I’ll create a one-of-a-kind work of art for you by hand. Instead of a box of old prints or a file on your desktop, you’ll have something you can hold and share with friends and family for years to come.  I’ll layout a book that highlights the unique narrative in your personal experience. All my decisions are made based on what will best showcase your images and your story.

How is it made?

Each book starts as a paper and tape conglomeration, that turns into a digital file to be approved by you! Once we're all set with the approval process, I print the pages on my Epson 3880 printer, using archival quality ink and paper (it will last longer than you). Then, the final stage is the construction where I fold the pages, poke holes, sew them together, try not to ruin everything by getting glue in the wrong places, and attach the cover. It presses overnight then is packaged and sent to you still full of the glue/paper/ink smells we all know and love.


How long does it take?

Each book takes about 4-6 weeks. We’ll set up a timeline right away so you know when feedback is expected and what the finish date is. I have availability for approximately 6 books per month, so please email me if you have an important deadline in mind.


What do I need to do?

You are responsible for uploading your images selections by the date we agree upon. You’ll have clear instructions on how and when to provide feedback when we set up the overall timeline. Beyond approving the layout of the pages, you'll have input into the book cloth and end sheet choices for the final product.

What does the final product look like?

Each book is unique; the number of photos, pages, and binding style are different every time. That said, my own aesthetic and creative perspective are also the key in my decision making. My portfolio is the best representation of the quality and design of my work. In short, it's not totally predictable, but you will love it!